Review of the Origins Original Skin Range

While I was shopping in John Lewis in Newcastle upon Tyne a couple of weeks ago I visited the Origins stand to enquire about what exfoliator they would recommend for someone who has combination skin. They suggested I try their new micro-dermabrasion exfoliator (a review on this will be coming soon) and I asked for a sample as I would want to try it before I went ahead and bought the full size item just in case my skin reacted to it.

Whilst there I booked in for a quick facial and the lady who did my facial was fantastic. She used their new Original Skin range and the new exfoliator and I will admit I was sceptical about the exfoliator as my skin at the moment is not at its best!!! I was pleasantly surprised that the exfoliator didn’t irritate my skin and it felt so soft and clean afterwards. The item I was really impressed with however was the new Makeup primer (yes Origins is delving into the makeup industry!!).

The primer is fantastic is keeping my oily T-Zone under control. Normally as I walk around Newcastle I tend to get very oily in my T-Zone and when I wear make up it appears to slide off by the time I get home which is usually 1 – 2 hours after I have left the house. However, this primer kept my oils at bay all day (I didn’t have any make up on that day but it still worked as a moisturiser).

The one thing I will warn you is that if you are not expecting a cooling primer then be prepared as this is has a cooling sensation which for first thing in the morning will be more than welcome!

The primer contains Willowherb which is used for reduction of redness. This is a brilliant product which does come out slightly tinted but you will not able to see it on the skin. It also has the consistency of a mousse which is gorgeous and light. My only complaint about the product is that after I bought it and took it home I was only able to get one swatch out of it before the pump broke (this is an aerosol can so be warned). However, when I took it back to John Lewis yesterday I made sure that I had the receipt and the lady at the Origins stand was really helpful and immediately replaced it for me. So thumbs up to John Lewis and Origins for fantastic customer services!!!!!

This is what the bottle looks like and I will let you guys know how it keeps my makeup looking for more than two hours (I will be giving it a good six hours of wear time on Thursday as I will be attending an event so you can expect a good six hours of wear).

Hope you guys like this review and expect more reviews in the future as there will be probably be lots of new releases coming out in the next few months.

Happy reading guys and remember to comment below what blogs you want to see in the future.


Lizanne-style xoxo

Review of Nars at Fenwick, Newcastle upon Tyne

As everyone knows I love Nars skincare and make up and that any weekend you can guarantee I will be checking out what is new on the stand. Now the one thing I of all people missed was the expansion into Fenwick in Newcastle upon Tyne (how the hell did I miss that one!)

As an avid Nars purchaser I did go and visit the new stand at Fenwick and it is brilliant. The girls who work there are very welcoming, friendly and know their stuff!! If you don’t have access to Fenwick you don’t need to panic as they are still available in John Lewis.

The stand is set out brilliantly with all the foundations and concealers and powders in the centre and all the lipstick collections set out around the sides in their shades (Nudes, Pinks and bolds). If you go and want to try out their foundations then I would strongly suggest getting the girls to colour match you. When you get colour matched don’t think about getting the wrong colour because I can guarantee you won’t!!

All the Nars foundations are designed to be applied with your fingers and that is how the girls apply it. If that is not how you normally apply your foundation don’t worry as they can be applied with a brush or beauty sponge.

If you do go and visit then I can promise you you will not regret it!!!!

I hope you enjoy this blog and please comment below and let me know what blog posts you would like to see in the future as I promise I will be better at posting on time this year!!

Enjoy guys

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Levoi Champagne Nail Bar Review

As it fast approaching Christmas (which is my favourite time of the year) I decided to get my nails done.  I will admit I was not sure what to do as I had had a bad experience in the past with acrylic nails. So I was checking out the internet and came across the website for Levoi Champagne Nail Bar.  After doing some research (checking out their channel on YouTube, the reviews and their Instagram account) I decided to book an appointment (best decision I ever made).

Even though I arrived early Anne was very welcoming and offered me something to drink and I opted for a glass of Prosecco (well why not!).  Before Anne started doing my nails we had a consultation where I explained about my previous experience with acrylic nails. Immediately she put my mind at rest and as my nails were in such a bad state (thin and constantly breaking) I decided to go for it. I decided to go for acrylic nails with gel and the colour scheme I went with was black and gold. This is how they turned out.

Now I will admit that even though I am a trained nail technician I had been neglecting my cuticles which meant that they were in a really bad state. I bought their cuticle oil and I now apply it all the time (it never leaves my handbag except to apply it).

One MASSIVE bonus point for me is that I did not see an e-file.  In my opinion I would rather file acrylics and gel by hand As there is less danger of filing your client’s skin and damaging their nails.

When it comes time to get them unfilled, which will probably be in the new year I will definitely be returning to Levoi Champagne Nail Bar. 

If you are ever in Newcastle upon Tyne and are looking for somewhere to get your nails done I would highly recommend checking out Levoi Champagne Nail Bar. 

The price for acrylics is £38 and gel is an extra £10 but the price is worth it for a stunning set of nails that still look good 2 weeks’ in.  I have had so many compliments from colleagues and they have all asked if I had done them myself and my answer to both questions is “I had them done at Levoi Champagne Nail Bar”.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog review and thank you to Anne and Levoi Champagne Nail Bar for doing my nails (I 100% love them) and also for allowing me to do this blog review.

Hope you all have a fantastic and here’s to more blogs in 2018.

Lizanne-style xoxo

November Favourites

Hey peeps.

I haven’t done a favourites since I started this blog so I decided to do one now.

A lot of my favourites for November are not make-up related but there is still some make-up that I have loved using in November.

Make-up Favourites

NYX Total Drops Foundation

I have been using this the whole month of November and am absolutely loving it.  It has been fantastic for my skin and used in conjunction with my other favourite make-up product of this month my foundation looks flawless all day.

Too faced Hydrating Primer

I use this in conjunction with the Make Up Forever Mattifying primer to control an oily T-Zone.  I find that this primer also acts as a very lightweight moisturiser and ensures that my foundation (high-end or drugstore) always looks flawless.

Make Up Forever Eyeshadow

The Make Up Forever Eyeshadows are in my opinion the best that I have tried so far.  There is virtually no kickback when you pick up shadow on your brush and virtually no fall out even from the gold shadow which contains a small amount of glitter.  They are easy to blend and do not lose their pigmentation and the shimmery shades are easily intensified by using MAC Fix +.  I would recommend these shadows to anyone, however, as they are high-end I would recommend getting the refill plans and making your own palette.

I cannot do a monthly favourites without mentioning my favourite make-up brand which is Nars Cosmetics.  It may not please everyone that I like Nars make-up but it is my personal opinion that they have a very good selection of make up ranging from primers to liquid lipsticks etc.

My non-make-up favourites

Primark clothing

What can I say except Yay!!!!!

The jeans are the softest and most comfortable jeans every and for between £9.00 to £10.00 you cannot go wrong.  I will keep buying these as even when washed they still retain their shape more than other brands I have tried.

Their cardigans are the best and for £8.00 I had to buy 2.  They are perfect for travelling and layering as they can be easily worn under a leather jacket if you get too cold.

As I was going on a weeks’ holiday at the end of September I decided that I needed a small backpack and as I was already shopping in Primark I decided to have a look and see what they had.  I was going to have a look at their shoes department and had to walk past the bags.  I then spotted their small backpacks and decided to have a look.  I was thinking there was nothing there when I saw a blue backpack with a lot of bright coloured embroidery on it.  I decided that it would be perfect and it is!!! For £9.00 it is well worth the money and has been my go to bag ever since I came back from holiday.

I will admit I did buy some gym wear in Primark but as I have not worn it apart from the trainers which I will say are the comfiest trainers I have ever wore (memory foam inner sole) and for £10.00 I was very pleasantly surprised.

I apologise that all the non-make-up favourites are from Primark but what can I say they are fantastic from price and quality.  Although the clothes tend to cost from between £8.00 to £20.00 the quality is as good as something that costs £50.

Hope you enjoy the blog!!!!

Happy reading peeps

Lizanne-style xoxo


Morning Skincare Routine

Hi guys

This is the skin care routine I use in the morning.  Some of the items are drugstore and some are high-end but all the products have been bought by me.

Here we go.

This first thing I do in the morning is wash my face using the Nivea Face Wash Gel which I love.


Once I have patted my face dry (I never rub my face dry!) I go to my dressing table and use my favourite toner which is the Pixi Glow Tonic.


Then it depends on how my skin feels as to whether I use a serum or not (I always use on in the evening) but I always use an eye cream and moisturizer.  The ones I am currently using at the moment and absolutely loving are the Bobbie Brown Eye Repair Cream and the Bobbie Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base.  The face base moisturiser is certainly one that I love using in the morning as it wakes me up with the citrus scent.


If I do use a serum the one I use the first thing in the morning is the Bobbie Brown Remedies Skin Moisture Solution No 86 as my skin gets very dehydrated during the day and this seems to keep it moisturised under the makeup.


Hope you enjoy this blog and find it helpful.

Love you guys and thanks for the support since starting this blog.

Lizanne-Style xoxo

NYX Total Drops Foundation Review

Hey peeps!

In case anyone has either tried this foundation or is thinking about buying it here is my opinion: DO IT!!!!

I bought this foundation a couple of months ago and, I will be honest when I heard this was being released I thought that the whole idea was a gimmick! I figured that the foundation would breakdown quickly and not survive a full day of wear.  However I was surprised as it was easy to colour match (colour matched myself to perfection).


Colour match any foundation to your neck – I know it sounds crazy but as you will blend your foundation down onto your neck you will want a shade that does not show a tide line!!!!

The foundation can be applied two ways the first way is by dropping the necessary amount of foundation on to a mixing palette (Sallys Express have a mixing palette which comes with a mixing tool) and applying with a beauty sponge.  Alternatively you can drip the foundation directly onto your face using the dropper.  I apply the foundation this way as I know that I can get the correct amount of coverage for me.

When using the dropper method you have to work fast as it will continue moving down your face.  I use a buffing brush when the foundation this way as I have more control.

The foundation costs £14 for 13ml ($13.99 at Ulta if you are in America).  There are 24 shades ranging from Alabaster to Deep Espresso.  You can get the Total Drops brush to apply the foundation but if you already have a buffing brush you can use what you already have.

This product will last a long time as you don’t need a lot and when I run out I will definitely be buying again and would highly recommend getting a sample if you can to make sure that the foundation suits your skin before buying the full size.

Here are some pictures of the foundation and also a swatch so that you can see what the colour I matched myself with looks like.

Hope you enjoy this blog review and find the info helpful.

Happy reading peeps!

Lizanne-style xoxo

Too Faced Hydrating Face Primer Review

Hey peeps

I am now back to the usual make-up blogs!! I hope you liked the previous travel blog.

I bought the Too Faced Hydrating Primer a few months’ ago and have been using it nearly everyday since.  I will say for someone who is fussy about primers I really like this one.

One of the main reasons I like it is that it is in a pump which makes it a lot more hygienic and easier to get the product out.  The other reason I like this product is that it feels and acts as a very lightweight moisturiser.  if, like me, you have dry to combination skin then I would suggest using a very lightweight moisturiser. oh and did I mention that it smells like coconuts!!!!

Although I do have dry to combination skin I do tend to have an oily T-zone.  To combat this I use this primer in conjunction with the Make Up Forever step 1 skin equalizing mattifying primer.  This combination is only used in the summer as although I live in the North East of England it does sometime get hot – not very often though!!!!

I love how this primer makes my foundation look flawless throughout the day.  I have tried using it with NYX Total Drops Foundation and OMG my skin looked flawless (no dry patches anywhere on my face).

As I enjoy using the primer so much I will be including it in my monthly favourites blog which will be coming soon and when it runs out I will be repurchasing!

I hope you enjoy reading this short blog review of the Too Faced Primer and hopefully they will be releasing the Hydrating Setting Spray in the UK soon and I will review that if anyone is interested.

Happy reading peeps

Lizanne-style xoxo